Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Spampy's Stuff

I got some delicious clothes from Spampy for my girls (they get tired of mine all the time!) and they are amazing,beautifully made and I would highly recommend them to you, she is at
The white leggings,boots and shoes are by me.

Tiny shoe shop

I have just completed a selection of boots and decided a group shot was in order.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Bjd info #9

#9 is my latest favourite Izzy, she is a Fairyland Puki Pipi. She is 11cm and wears a size 4 wig. I got her 2nd hand from a seller on Ebay.

Bjd info #8

#8 was Grace, who is a Blue Fairy Pocket fairy Noma she is 14cm and wears a size 4 wig. I got her from Blue Fairy for my birthday.

Bjd info #7

#7 is Fern, who is a Custom House Bisou ai Lilly, she is 19cm tall and wear a 4-5cm wig, She is a similar size to Kish Riley so they can share stuff. I got her from Custom house in a joint order with Kayjay during there 30% off sale.

Bjd info #6

#6 was Kaitlyn, who is an Elfdoll Kai who is 14cm and weara size 3-4 wig. She is wearing the wig from another elfdoll. I got her 2nd hand from a seller on DOA.

Bjd info #5

#5 was Leonie, who is a TinyBear Human Mina, she is 15cm tall and wears 3-4 size wig. I got her as a trade directly from the lovely Artist at

Bjd info #4

#4 was Tilly, who is a Lati white sp size Belle, she is 12cm and wears a 4 wig. I got her from my good friend Kayjay who was her 1st owner.

Bjd info #3

#3 was Lily, who is a Lati white Lily,she is my tiniest doll at 9.5cm and wears a size 4 wig. I got her 2nd hand from a seller on DOA.

BJD info #2

#2 was Sun, who is Bong Sun Hwa also by Elfdoll and is a sister to Min and the same size. She was also from

Info for Bjd blog newbies

Thought I'd just list my dolls with their details for anyone not familiar with BJD's.

#1 was Min, who is Min Del Re by Elfdoll she is 14cm tall wears a size 3-4 wig. I got her from an online shop in the us called

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Naming Puki Pipi

Puki Pipi has chosen her name at long last, it is TADA.....Izzy. So here she is in here new clothes and my new invention Puki shoes.
Blimey! I need a new camera, my little Samsung Digimax is a great 4 megapixel camera but just not up to the tiny close ups.....On my wish list is a Canon Ixus 85s with 10 megapixels and great Macro settings.

Commission inspired by my american Pokweed picture

Friday, 14 November 2008

Little Note

I am going away to Ireland till Sunday, so apologies for any delays in replies to emails etc.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

OMG pukis are gorgeous!

I got my first Puki today, bought from a UK seller on Ebay (thus avoiding customs charges) She is a Puki Pipi and soooooo cute and tinier than I thought, she with some nice little extras (including a sleeping face place for me to paint)and here she is in one of the wigs she came with, which I love (I trimmed her fringe too, I can't help myself!). To my joy she can share my elfdoll and lati white sp clothes. Oh she is just so cheerful and pretty! I can't stop looking at her.

Ferns wig

Fern's wig came yesterday from Denver doll is a Doris wig in carrot size 4-5 . It fit her well witha little wriggle and some double sided tape, I trimmed the fringe and the back.
Fern is wearing a dress and shoes by Ruby Red

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Here is my Pocket fairy's first photo shoot.