Thursday, 31 July 2008

bratz kidz clothes/wigs

Just another thing I went to Toyzrus the other day with Lily and bought a sash Bratzkidz doll, i had the clothes and she had the doll. The clothes fit Min absolutely perfectly, i love the combat pants. I will post a pic very soon.

Also I traded an elfdoll Olivia wig with Carrie and that came the other day too.....Min looks soooo different in it, but i really wanted for Kai when she comes and I ordered a Lati wig a while back for Belle/Tilly. It seems to be taking a while and was v expensive bought I so loooove it. (borrow pic from flickr)

Belle/Tilly is coming home on Sunday

I am really looking forward to Sunday, I am having a mini doll meet up with the lovely Kayjay, from whom I am adopting the delicious Lati white sp Belle who is now called Tilly. i can't wait to see her in real life. K is bringing some of her other dolls to visit also, should be fun.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Customer pics from Wilkies

Here is some adorable pics of Wilkies Min in her new outfit, taken by Wilkies, show the outfit much better than mine.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


I have two tiny visitors at the moment to have some outfits made. A Banji elly elf and a Tinybear Moona. I will take some pictures this weekend.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Imajica's comission outfit

Hi Imajica, here is your approval picture again please don't feel obliged to purchase it.

Also the colours on these pic are slightly lighter than in real life, the colours are more intense.

Comission for Wilkies

Hi Wilkies, here is your approval picture, I hope you like the outfit but please say if you don't, I can just put it in the boutique, it's really no problem.

Just a note though, on my laptop (did I mention I have a new laptop!) the colours are slightly bleached out and in real life are a bit more intense. The bag now has a chain strap the ribbon one didn't work for me. Also as you mentioned a vintage feel I added some antique lace around the dress hem from my late Grandmas stash.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Otters #2

Re; Previous otter post!
At the weekend my god-daughter Lily visited and brought her otter Lottie, so there was a joyfull reunion as shown. Lottie on the left and Otto on the right

More laptop joy

Just sussed out the image here's some images
The red head is Lucy from Notdoll and the blonde is lily in new wig and new felt dress

New Laptop

Here's some none doll news. I have, after waiting two years, got a new Laptop, yayayayay! I had my own laptop a couple of years ago and had had it for ages and it was second hand when I got it. It ended up having a normal pc keyboard bluetacked to it as the keyboard died. It eventually went to pc heaven and since then I have had to use Ian's work laptop, infrequently available.

Well, now, I am almost boring myself! anyway Ian went to Carphone Warehouse on Saturday to get a new phone and they had an offer for a free laptop, and he gave it to meeee, yayayayya again! The only problem is that my fav image manipulation programe doesn't even load on it, so no pic for a little while!

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Sorry, credit for the pictures are the other way round (duh!)

Customer pics for Mimi's Boutique

Here's is a couple of customer pictures in outfits from Mimi's Boutique. #1 from youclevergirl and #2 from kayjay

Smug Boots

Todays News!

Ian has thought of a cute name for my mini boots SMUG boots = small+Ugg. Thanks honey!

Lucy came on Tuesday but I haven't had time to do pics. She is very pretty and ethereal, I changed her wig already, the one she came in is gold with blue (!) tips and actually looks quite sweet on Lily. The wig Lucy now has is the curly red one modelled be Min in a previous post.

On other news; I have on hold with the lovely Kayjay a Lati white sweetie called Belle or Tilly as she is now called. The above pictures shows a similar doll (borrowed pic from Flickr).I love her big brown eyes and taller body, which is more in scale to the head.

Monday, 7 July 2008

More new dolls!

I have a confession to make, this is getting ridiculous, I think I am developing a compulsion or obsession or may be both, for tiny BJD's!!! I have in the last few days put an Elfdoll Kai on layaway with a seller on DOA and.........have bought a Notdoll Lucy, at a bargain price, another from the wish list! (wish list , what are you on girl!) What's going on I only intended to have Min!!!!

Kai at the top and Lucy below.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Just to let you know outfit #1 is sold to kayjay.

New outfit #2

Heres #2 outfit, a simple sundress and headband also on DOA at the marketplace.

New Outfit for sale with Ugg style boots

Sneaky peek of the latest offering in Mimi's Boutique over on Den of Angels. I or should I say Sun would be quite pleased if no one wanted this one because we like!