Saturday, 31 May 2008

Been Working!

Been working this last few days so not done lots, or should I say not photographed much (I prefer to photo Min in daylight). Although I have made some stuff, including a pair of knickers, mainly because she looks faintly embarrassed when wearing a dress knickerless!Anyway I will get the camera out tomorrow. Here's a joke for you in lieu of pictures; Why did the chocolate button go to school every day? Because he wanted to become a Smartie! Ooh I have just thought this is a bit of a british joke, sorry!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Flaked out!

Here's a pic of Min flaked out after her busy day!!!!!

part 3

Close up of King Henry!

Travels with Min, part 2

We then went to Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, a beautiful 15th century manor house (Where King Henry the 8th's last wife Catherine Parr lived after he died)They were havibg a Tudor themed weekend and they had The king himself and Queen Elizabeth 1st wandering round (Historically impossible as Elizabeth was only young when he died, no insult intended to the fine lady who played her!)Anyway, I said to him "scuse me Mr 8th would you mind an unusual request?" he laughed and merrily agreed to pose with Min. We got some strange looks taking the pictures, but who cares we had quite a laugh!

Travels with Min

I had a nice weekend away seeing the folks, (shown out of focus in one shot, Dad with his chav hat on!). My husband who has hithertoo been at bit uninterested in Min, took some cute pics of her having a sweet adventure!(whilst I was having a lie in) I think he's warming to her a bit.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Travel arrangements

I am going away for the weekend here is Min's travel case.....a sun glasses case, perfect size!

Here is the latest addition to Min's wardrobe. Included is a corduroy pinafore and striped leggings, a smock top, grey hoody and a dragon tattoo tshirt.


Here's the results from yesterdays efforts

Monday, 19 May 2008

Wiring and Suede-ing

This evening I have been "Wiring and Suede-ing" Min, this might sound a bit barbaric but it has worked brilliantly. Basically (I have got most of this info form Den of Angels.)due to the construction of a BJD they can be a bit "kicky", this means that they are difficult to pose and once in the desired pose they kick out or twist. Wiring is putting narrow wire through the cavity of the legs and arms and suede-ing is a process of glueing fine suede in the sockets of the joints. I think the suede just adds a little friction to the joint, allowing it to move in a more controlled way. I used the finest weight of Ultrasuede and stuck on small pieces using Tacky Glue.

I am going away on Thursday to stay with my Mum and Dad so will be away from the pc for a few days, Min will meet my Mum for the first time, Mum is very encouraging with my hobbies and has a few dolls herself. Min is a fantastic travel doll, in fact she fits with all her new clothes (more pictures of these tomorrow) in a hard-sided glasses case!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Here is "Bong Sun Hwa" that I mentioned in my previous post, as I said I'm not keen on the wig, but I do think she would look cute with a dark bob. Watch this space to find out if I end up getting her.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Syrup of figs

No sewing today been working but I have just ordered Min a wig from bjdollarama (well, I say it's for Min but the truth is I am slightly hankering after getting "Bong Sun Hwa" Min's sister, but I don't like her wig!!!)

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Magazine cover

Just for fun at


Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Getting to know you

Hello there blog readers, in the last few days of sewing for Min I have realised that she is a young teenager, rather than a child and she definately prefers trendy stuff, and has quite an edgy style all of her own!

I have also changed her hands to the fist hands that came with her and her red and white trainer feet from Denver Doll (I am thinking of buying some more shoes to paint).

With that in mind, I have made her a little mix and match capsule wardrobe in red white and black. Included is a pair of black cropped leggings, a red and white striped matelot tshirt, a red and white hat, a black and red babydoll style dress, a white vest (not shown), a white ruffled miniskirt and a whipstitched suede handbag. The items can be worn in many different ways a few of which are shown here.

Monday, 12 May 2008

New Outfit

Yesterday evening and today I have been drafting new patterns especially for Min and these are the results. Min now has a t-shirt with an iron on decal flower and a pair of jeans. The jeans were a bit tricky to tailor as she is so slender, but I got there in the end. Min's hat is knitted, here is the pattern if you facy a go;

Min's Hat

Take 2 skeins of Flower thread, size 19 needles and 1 mini button

Cast on 52 stitches in col A, knit 3 rows on knit1/purl1 rib then attatch col B, knit 2 rows of stocking stitch, return to original col A, knit 2 rows. Then continue till you have 20 rows of stocking stitch. On the next two rows knit 2together then thread the yarn through the stitches and pull them up, sew the back seam.Take a strand of each colour around three fingers about 15 times, tie some yarn around the middle, trim the strands to about 5mm and sew on to the hat, sew a tiny button on top.

A couple of outfits

Here are a couple of outfit previously made for a miniature doll,that fit Min fine. The picture also show the brown alternative shoes from Denver Doll and painted by meself.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Min settles in.

Hello, I have had enormous fun playing dress up with the existing clothes I had and changing Min's feet (Easier that expected, thanks to tips on DOA). Min is wearing tshirt, skirt, boots and a rather unseasonable fur gilet, there was a hat to match but it was too small so have started to knit on. I will publish the pattern when fathomed out.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Yaaaaaay, Min is here!!!!!! There was a tiny drama, the parcel did not get here before one as promised, so I had a minor panic and rang the post office. They said it had been delivered earlier, and as I had no card I was worried she had gone to some dishonest neighbour who would open up the parcel and hold her hostage till I begged on bended knee.....ooh, back to reality, the caretaker of my apartment building had signed for it intending to bring it up to flat after I am normally home from work! I was home all day.

Anyway, Min is just simply beautiful, she has an etherial quality to her, so tiny and delicate like a little fawn. Her face is so expressive, she goes from wistful to capricious to down-right sulky in just a movement of her head. (I don't know how that happens!) She has not dissapointed me one tiny lttle bit (Except perhaps that she is very kicky but I beleive that is a curable condition) and she fits in the minature clothes I have already made for a minature doll, I Made, a while back.
BTW, thanks to Aninna for the good wishes and the links to her lovely pics.


Here is the shoes I painted, the trainers were 10/10 on the fiddly scale.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Slightly dissapointed today!

Well, although I was sat ready and waiting for Joe my lovely postman to come (Incidently, he also delivers mail where I work and has been known to bring parcels requiring a signature into work for me, that is what I call service!) He didn't come and so I was slightly dissapointed. However, I was meeting my friend for lunch and she has a little 2 and half year old, Evie, who had me chuckling all afternoon. Roll on Thursday!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Min should, with a bit of luck and a following wind, be with me tomorrow or Thursday, i am trembling with anticipation. The tiny feet from Denver doll came this AM so have been painting them ready for her arrival.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Min has Cleared Customs's update is; according to Usps tracking, Min has cleared British customs. So not long now.....I have so many ideas for outfits for her, I just need to meet her now!