Monday, 12 May 2008

New Outfit

Yesterday evening and today I have been drafting new patterns especially for Min and these are the results. Min now has a t-shirt with an iron on decal flower and a pair of jeans. The jeans were a bit tricky to tailor as she is so slender, but I got there in the end. Min's hat is knitted, here is the pattern if you facy a go;

Min's Hat

Take 2 skeins of Flower thread, size 19 needles and 1 mini button

Cast on 52 stitches in col A, knit 3 rows on knit1/purl1 rib then attatch col B, knit 2 rows of stocking stitch, return to original col A, knit 2 rows. Then continue till you have 20 rows of stocking stitch. On the next two rows knit 2together then thread the yarn through the stitches and pull them up, sew the back seam.Take a strand of each colour around three fingers about 15 times, tie some yarn around the middle, trim the strands to about 5mm and sew on to the hat, sew a tiny button on top.

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