Monday, 19 May 2008

Wiring and Suede-ing

This evening I have been "Wiring and Suede-ing" Min, this might sound a bit barbaric but it has worked brilliantly. Basically (I have got most of this info form Den of Angels.)due to the construction of a BJD they can be a bit "kicky", this means that they are difficult to pose and once in the desired pose they kick out or twist. Wiring is putting narrow wire through the cavity of the legs and arms and suede-ing is a process of glueing fine suede in the sockets of the joints. I think the suede just adds a little friction to the joint, allowing it to move in a more controlled way. I used the finest weight of Ultrasuede and stuck on small pieces using Tacky Glue.

I am going away on Thursday to stay with my Mum and Dad so will be away from the pc for a few days, Min will meet my Mum for the first time, Mum is very encouraging with my hobbies and has a few dolls herself. Min is a fantastic travel doll, in fact she fits with all her new clothes (more pictures of these tomorrow) in a hard-sided glasses case!

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