Thursday, 8 May 2008

Yaaaaaay, Min is here!!!!!! There was a tiny drama, the parcel did not get here before one as promised, so I had a minor panic and rang the post office. They said it had been delivered earlier, and as I had no card I was worried she had gone to some dishonest neighbour who would open up the parcel and hold her hostage till I begged on bended knee.....ooh, back to reality, the caretaker of my apartment building had signed for it intending to bring it up to flat after I am normally home from work! I was home all day.

Anyway, Min is just simply beautiful, she has an etherial quality to her, so tiny and delicate like a little fawn. Her face is so expressive, she goes from wistful to capricious to down-right sulky in just a movement of her head. (I don't know how that happens!) She has not dissapointed me one tiny lttle bit (Except perhaps that she is very kicky but I beleive that is a curable condition) and she fits in the minature clothes I have already made for a minature doll, I Made, a while back.
BTW, thanks to Aninna for the good wishes and the links to her lovely pics.

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