Friday, 28 August 2009

Bad neglectfull Blog Owner!

Sorry, I have been the above and really had nothing to report much....I am waiting for my Bayer and about to pay off my last payment for choco cupid.

I am away for a week this afternoon, it's my Mums 8oth birthday and we have a family get together in Ross on Wye. We have hired a nice house to stay in.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jasmines party dress

Here is Jasmine in her new party dress (made for Maisies party, Happy Birthday Maisie!), it is not entirely my design (as all my other stuff is) this dress pattern was adapted from the smocked dress pattern in the "Fashion for Small Dolls" book by Rosemarie Ionker. I reduced the 7"pattern on my scanner by 50% and slightly slimmed down the sides, other than that it worked fine for Lati white sp.

Felix small comfort

here is my Felix Small comfort wearing a Felix printed onesie/babygro (for Rose Ann)

Cupid Multihead

Heres a quick snap of the Cupid Multihead I finished painting her yesterday. She is temporarily on my Little Miss body (only till for a short while as I am missing her little face, she is on topic here:))which is a great size for the head