Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ok Back to Normal News!

I have found myself a Lati White SP Laches, one of the first tinies that I fell for, he is coming from Spain so no customs (yay)

So if I ever find a Cherny that floats my boat then my collection of LWSP will be complete.

here is the owner pic;

Non Dolly Post

On Saturday K and I went to see the exhibit of Ron Mueck sculptures at Manchester Art Gallery. There were 3 pieces and they are AMAZING, hyper real human portraits with silicone skin and rooted hair. Even though they are not in human scale it would not have surprized me at all, if they would have got up and adjusted their positions!

My favourite here is "Spooning Couple", my feelings changed with the perspective, from the top they looked incredibly peaceful and sleeping and I almost felt as I was intruding on an intimate moment. Then studying the faces from the foot end one could see that they were both awake and although very close together were having complex private thoughts and not alltogether happy ones. Sadly one could not touch the figures (for obvious reasons!) as they were very tactile looking (!).
Well worth a visit!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Jasmines new outfit

Here is a set I made for Jasmine a few weeks ago. It is made from a pair of posh Knickers from Monsoon where I work. they were made from two different fabrics and lined in plain blue so I was able to use all parts of the item.

This one is a onw off and a keeper and Jasmine is quite adamant about that! hehe

Happy Valentines!

Here is my new girl Annalise, she is a PukiFee Ante and I got her from the lovely Sharon in Spain;