Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Sun today

No I don't mean the newspaper! Just what Sun is wearing! Sun,
by the way is named after Sun on Lost, she does have a look of
her. Sun is wearing a drop waist dress, leggings and a matching hat. and some little plastic shoes that came with Lily (when i was a kid we called these shoes "jellies").

Min with short hair

What do you think? I think she quite suits it, makes her look quite cute and trendy.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Lily in the Garden

Lastly, today, here is a picture of Lily taken in my sister's garden, she is wearing some of Min's clothes and has a wig which is actually Baby Ellery's wig (A Helen kish Doll). I do rather like it on her.


Well it seems that Sun and Min have bonded immediately. Min is even happy to share clothes! BTW Sun is wearing the BJDollarama wig as mentioned is a previous post, I wasn't keen on her factory wig, although I have just tried it on Min and she looks very trendy(I will take pics tomorrow).


I have had a few days away at my sister's house and was able to pick up Sun from my good friend who ordered her for me (Thanks M). She is an Elfdoll "Bong Sun hwa"and she is a real sweetie, she has a very real face and a cute grin.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Playing wigs

And just a gratituous pic of Min (I still love her best!!!), with a new wig on.

Amazing Day

I had an amazing day yesterday; firstly my little lati lily came, then my MSC (sealer) arrived so I was able to do her face up. I enjoyed the whole process except puting the eyes back in (managed in the end with the help of a DOA tutorial) so here are her arrival pics;
Clockwise from topleft;
#1 open box
#2 my first view
#3 Maisy being her usual nosy self
#4 Lily complete with new wig
#5 little face up

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Sales News

The first outfit in the "Mimi's Boutique" range sold today. I will be putting regular alerts on here when I have new outfits for sale.

Here's my business card.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Lati White Lily

Just a quick peek of the owners picture of Lily, she is only 9.8cm or 4" tall in old money. If you would like to see what she could look like, try;

a little Otter

Here's a cute story; Two years ago my god-daughter Lily (then 5) and I were looking through a Sylvanian families catalogue. We passed a happy time choosing which items off each page we would pick. My favourite from the whole catalogue was the set of baby otters sooooo sweet. Anyway last week I went to see Lily and her family to find that Lily had found the Baby otter set whilst on holiday and bought them for me. Aawh, what a sweetheart she really is, fancy remembering and then spend her own pocket money. You gotta love her!!!!
By the way there were two otters a girl and a boy, we shared them Lily kept the girl and I got the boy and we named them Lottie and Otto.

Big News in a Tiny Way

Mimi's Boutique is now open!
Well, my first news is that I have just posted my first sales post on DOA, it is here's sneeky peek.
Also, I bought another tiny BJD the other day, she is a Lati White called Lily, She is in need of a face-up (face paint), something I fancy having a go at. I am sooo bad, 2 dolls in one week, anyway, I will let you see her when she arrives.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Succumbed to temptation!

Well my big news is that I have ordered Bong sun hwa, one of Min's sisters, there is a picture of her in a previous post, I can't wait for her to come!! Also the tiny wig came from BJDollarama which is lovely, I have tried it on Min but she suits her original wig so well I am going to save it for Sun (I can't be calling her Bong, I just can't!!!!). I haven't sewn this week for 2 reasons; #1, I have been having migraines (boooo!) and #2,after my lovely visitor at the weekend my flat is tidy and I don't want to mess it up with craft stuff. Maybe, mess is inspirational, I think that I like seeing all my fabrics and bits and pieces out, ideas just follow on. But I do get to a point where I can't find things and then I have to tidy up and start again.......mmmmmm

Monday, 9 June 2008

Grey Jacket Collage

Here is a collage themed around Min's new grey denim jacket and shorts set. I added another set of buttons to the final design.

Sunday shopping trip

Yesterday My friend Vicki and I visited a dollshouse and miniature fair in Llandudno, the weather was beautiful! Min was quite fascinated with all the miniature produce!!! She is holding a leek for Wales.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Min in wistfull mood

Caught Min in wistfull mood

Mins hair

Min's hair had a slight adjustment in so far as I took out the thread holding the bunches in either side of the wig (I took out the ribbons when I first got her, one of my bug bears big ribbon!). So now she can wear a head band like this. By the way the shirred sundress is knee length.