Saturday, 21 June 2008

Amazing Day

I had an amazing day yesterday; firstly my little lati lily came, then my MSC (sealer) arrived so I was able to do her face up. I enjoyed the whole process except puting the eyes back in (managed in the end with the help of a DOA tutorial) so here are her arrival pics;
Clockwise from topleft;
#1 open box
#2 my first view
#3 Maisy being her usual nosy self
#4 Lily complete with new wig
#5 little face up


Happy-Rags said...

What a little sweetie - well done on the face-up :)

Kathryn x

Jen said...

She looks absolutely wonderful! Great job on the face up and a great wig!

Miriam said...

thanks for your kind comments, it is so nice to know you're out there.
miriam x