Thursday, 12 June 2008

Succumbed to temptation!

Well my big news is that I have ordered Bong sun hwa, one of Min's sisters, there is a picture of her in a previous post, I can't wait for her to come!! Also the tiny wig came from BJDollarama which is lovely, I have tried it on Min but she suits her original wig so well I am going to save it for Sun (I can't be calling her Bong, I just can't!!!!). I haven't sewn this week for 2 reasons; #1, I have been having migraines (boooo!) and #2,after my lovely visitor at the weekend my flat is tidy and I don't want to mess it up with craft stuff. Maybe, mess is inspirational, I think that I like seeing all my fabrics and bits and pieces out, ideas just follow on. But I do get to a point where I can't find things and then I have to tidy up and start again.......mmmmmm

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