Friday, 29 May 2009

Doll news

Noma has flown over to her new home in Thailand!

And I have had a major Puki Ooops!

I have just ordered Choco Cupid from DDE on a 4 month layaway. I was inspired by the owner pics on DOA like this one from Reinedelaseine, what a sweetie!
I am still not sewing alot but am having treatment so should be better soon.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

FS Pocket fairy Noma

I have put Pocket Fairy Noma up for sale on DOA if you are interested in her please email me.

I do think she is adorable but i have got such a yearning for a Choco puki.

Monday, 18 May 2009

New Obsession

If my Bjd obsession weren't enough, I have a new quite consuming passion; Troll beads or should I say Troll/Pandora/Lovelinks/etc type beads.

They are beads that you collect and add to a plain bracelet, my sister Ali got into them a couple of years ago and I decided,, very sensibly that it was a money pit I was determind not to fall into!

My lovely sister, who knows me better than I know myself, knew I would eventually succomb and when I did, recently, buy the bracelet and a few beads she announced that she had been saving beads for the time which I would see the light. So I started off a couple of months ago collecting and now I have quite a number.......admitedly mostly cheaper versions from ebay (don't look if you want avoid the money pit!) and some hand blown glass ones from Etsy (again... don't look!). the great thing is that I now have a matching bracelet for every outfit.....heaven on a wrist :)

Imi's human self

Kindly sent by Carrie, Imi now has a human self and doesn't look so ridiculous in a shoe shop!

Two painted Puki face plates

And for you delictation (whatever that means!!) the 2 Puki face plates from the GO I did; Pong sleeping and Maddy sleeping. Painted by meself.

New girl

Here she is, the new girl, name of Katie (named after Lily's friend who has a similar colouring).

She is a Felix Brownie Ravi. She has a very pretty face and a set of 7 extra hands of which this picture displays her "OK" hand.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Doll news

And on doll news; my Felix Brownie "Ravi" is in the country, Valli is sending her tomorrow, I cant wait to see her.

And I wasnt sure about the Choco Pukis (do you notice a theme here!!!) but now I am seeing the owner pix, I want one!

Shown here is Black Cat Choco Lily.

Chocolate heaven

This last weekend, I went away to a girlie weekend with some good friends. On saturday Vicki and I went on a 3 hours Chocolate experience, oh, it was heavenly! We learnt all about the history and manufacture of chocolate and then had a play ourselves. We came away with a box of handmade by me chocs (Mimisstuff chocolates mmmmmm). If you happen to be anywhere near Castleton in Derbyshire, contact, if you want a go.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Back on line folks (well have been a couple of days, but been catching up!)
Would like to wish a big;
to my good friend KATHRYN otherwise know as KAYJAY.
Have a lovely day Honey!!!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009


Hi Just a quickie!!! I am without internet at the moment, so sorry if it seems like I am ignoring anyone. Hopefully with good luck and following wind we should have it back sometime next week. Keep you fingers crossed for me.