Friday, 29 May 2009

Doll news

Noma has flown over to her new home in Thailand!

And I have had a major Puki Ooops!

I have just ordered Choco Cupid from DDE on a 4 month layaway. I was inspired by the owner pics on DOA like this one from Reinedelaseine, what a sweetie!
I am still not sewing alot but am having treatment so should be better soon.


ReineDeLaSeine14 (Stephanie) said...

Haha I'm glad to see Macchiato is a Chocopuki Ambassador as well as a cute EDS SpokesPuki :D

I can't wait until you get your Cupid...I've always been waiting to hear about your thumb because your commissions are always so wonderful. <3

Miriam said...

Hi Steph,
I can't wait for my Choco Cupid, thanks to you :) I love Macchi in the yellow dress it goes so nice with her skintone.
I am slowly trying out some sewing this week, the injections (urgh!)have helped a bit but want to avoid having another :D
Hopefully i'll catch up at some point. Thanks for you kind words anyway. xxx