Monday, 18 May 2009

New Obsession

If my Bjd obsession weren't enough, I have a new quite consuming passion; Troll beads or should I say Troll/Pandora/Lovelinks/etc type beads.

They are beads that you collect and add to a plain bracelet, my sister Ali got into them a couple of years ago and I decided,, very sensibly that it was a money pit I was determind not to fall into!

My lovely sister, who knows me better than I know myself, knew I would eventually succomb and when I did, recently, buy the bracelet and a few beads she announced that she had been saving beads for the time which I would see the light. So I started off a couple of months ago collecting and now I have quite a number.......admitedly mostly cheaper versions from ebay (don't look if you want avoid the money pit!) and some hand blown glass ones from Etsy (again... don't look!). the great thing is that I now have a matching bracelet for every outfit.....heaven on a wrist :)


UK Wedding Directory said...


I totally agree with you. My mum loves them at the moment. She gets them from here: Pandora jewelleryLet me know what you think!

Miriam said...

Thats a cool site....ah for unlimited bead funds ;-)