Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mimisstuff Update

Mimisstuff Terms And Conditions
I did say a while back that I would announce on here when I was accepting commissions, well I didn't get around to formally announcing it but have been taking them from those of you who have asked. Also I get a bit overwhelmed by answering all those messages and I was a little bit worried about that. Don't think I don't want to talk to you, I love getting to know dolly people and their dolls. Maybe you could spread it out a little (hehe). I apologise to anyone who has missed out.

So, I have thought I would answer some of the typical questions, about how I work, so if it doesn't suit, you already know.
I will make each item/outfit by hand and to order, they take me a while to make as I put a lot of detail into each. Also I do currently have a waiting list, this is a "how long is a piece of string" list because it depends on how much real life stuff invades into my sewing time.
I like to have an idea about what you fancy rather than a "can you make something exactly like the blue one" as I have only small amounts of each fabric and attention span for manufacturing the same thing over and over. So a loose brief telling me the colours you (or your dolls!) like and an idea of style. You could have a peek at Flickr; www.flickr.com/groups/975460@N23/ or www.flickr.com/photos/26118463@N05

The prices are as follows;
MJ shoes....$12
Dress and knickers....$20
Full outfit including dress/top, leggings, hat/waistcoat, footwear.....$50

All prices include standard shipping, if you prefer insured and tracked shipping please add $6 per order. If you choose the standard method then I cannot be held responsible for any lost after your item has left me (I always get proof of posting so can say that I have definately posted). I am just officially covering myself here, but in practise, both times that this has happened to me I have just made a replacement order.

So how it works is; I put you on the list,preferably with a loose brief and then when I get to your name, I will get in touch to see whether you still want me to make something for you. I will make stuff for you and then send you a picture for your approval. If you like then you can pay me using Paypal at mimis.stuff@virgin.net and I will post out as soon as I can. I would love it if you could let me know when you have received your item and I would also love to see pictures of your dolls in Mimisstuff on the Mimis Stuff Flickr stream.

And finally I would like to thank each and every one of you that has ordered Mimisstuff, I truly appreciate your custom and friendship. It often amazes me that I can make with my fingers stuff that people like and it does also mean that I can participate in a hobby that would be out of my league otherwise. So, best wishes to you all, Miriam xx

Laches and Lily

I neglected to tell you that they had arrived, struggling for names for them. Lily had a makeover and Laches turns out to be a girl.

Lumi is Scarlett!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Look whos here to stay!

Kayjay and I did a craft fair on Saturday, K made pegbags, flower brooches and knitting bags and I did jewellery, pictures and bags. There was also some bracelets by Angus, some Jam from Ian and some cards from my Mum. It was an enjoyable day though not terribly busy, we both sold some bits and pieces, for me mostly jewellery.

Whilst at K's I collect Lumi who we had previously agreed to trade. She is beautiful and I am enjoying her very much.