Thursday, 15 May 2008

Getting to know you

Hello there blog readers, in the last few days of sewing for Min I have realised that she is a young teenager, rather than a child and she definately prefers trendy stuff, and has quite an edgy style all of her own!

I have also changed her hands to the fist hands that came with her and her red and white trainer feet from Denver Doll (I am thinking of buying some more shoes to paint).

With that in mind, I have made her a little mix and match capsule wardrobe in red white and black. Included is a pair of black cropped leggings, a red and white striped matelot tshirt, a red and white hat, a black and red babydoll style dress, a white vest (not shown), a white ruffled miniskirt and a whipstitched suede handbag. The items can be worn in many different ways a few of which are shown here.

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