Monday, 7 July 2008

More new dolls!

I have a confession to make, this is getting ridiculous, I think I am developing a compulsion or obsession or may be both, for tiny BJD's!!! I have in the last few days put an Elfdoll Kai on layaway with a seller on DOA and.........have bought a Notdoll Lucy, at a bargain price, another from the wish list! (wish list , what are you on girl!) What's going on I only intended to have Min!!!!

Kai at the top and Lucy below.


Happy-Rags said...

LOL!! I know, they are addictive aren't they?! I'm selling some of my other types of dolls to fund my bjd addiction. You will love Kai, and Lucy is on my (very long) wishlist too. Is that your Lucy in the pic? She's lovely :)

Kathryn x

Miriam said...

oh totally! That is my Lucy in the picture although she is now a red head
Hugs M x