Monday, 14 July 2008

Otters #2

Re; Previous otter post!
At the weekend my god-daughter Lily visited and brought her otter Lottie, so there was a joyfull reunion as shown. Lottie on the left and Otto on the right


wilkies said...

nice the otters, your new dollies and the fact you have a laptop, what is the picture program you have, because I love the collages you made of your min, you did it with this program? Are you getting along with my mins outfit? I am dying of curiousity. I hope my min will soon arrive. good luck with your dollie addiction

Miriam said...

Hi Wilkies,
The picture program I favour is Microsoft digital image suite 7.0,
I love it because it is simple enough for me to understand!!!
I do everything picture wise on it.
The boots are done and I have a few days off work now so I should be done soon. When do you go on holiday?

wilkies said...

I will be leaving on the 2th of august, so still 2 weeks after this week, but don't rush because she is not naked when she arrives.
I will look at the picture program it should be simple and easy to do.
greetings wilma