Friday, 18 July 2008

Imajica's comission outfit

Hi Imajica, here is your approval picture again please don't feel obliged to purchase it.

Also the colours on these pic are slightly lighter than in real life, the colours are more intense.


Happy-Rags said...

Love the boots and the colours, I'm sure imajica will be happy :-)

wilkies said...

just want to say that this outfit is great too, so if imajica isn't going to buy it I am seriously want to buy it, but she must love it, to bad for me. Imajica it's funny to put I picture on DOA of our dolls with these outfits toghether and from kayjay and clevergirl too.

Miriam said...

So sorry Wilkies, Imajica has bought hers, but just let me know if you want something else.
I can't wait to see the outfits on your girls :)

wilkies said...

sorry, I was just joking. I really really love the outfit you made for me. Just love all the outfits you made,love the colour combi's you make,I should choose some colours for myself and combine them, I have to much clothing, but always wearing the same things, because nothing fits together.