Friday, 18 July 2008

Comission for Wilkies

Hi Wilkies, here is your approval picture, I hope you like the outfit but please say if you don't, I can just put it in the boutique, it's really no problem.

Just a note though, on my laptop (did I mention I have a new laptop!) the colours are slightly bleached out and in real life are a bit more intense. The bag now has a chain strap the ribbon one didn't work for me. Also as you mentioned a vintage feel I added some antique lace around the dress hem from my late Grandmas stash.


Happy-Rags said...

Beautiful colours, Miriam, they have a lovely summery feel to them, despite our weather :-)

Kathryn x

wilkies said...

yes yes yes yes, I love it and want to buy it, please let me know how much I have to pay and your paypal adress. And if imajica doesn't like hers (but I am sure she does) then I want to buy it too(I love all the colours)My min will be very happy with it. I am sure that you will be getting busy if people see those outfits, we all want our little elfdolls in your outfits, I am sure Ingie is going to ask you to make her a outfit......thanks in advance, I am very happy

Miriam said...

Hi Wilma, Oh i am so glad you like it.
My paypal address is The outfits are $50 including 1st class postage or $55 with insurance.
Thanks and best wishes,

Thanks K, I am channelling summer but it's not working. :)