Monday, 13 October 2008

Dolly update

Hi Folks! I have just been away on a fun crafty weekend in the Cotswolds with some lovely people.

Just a little update on the doll collection. Still waiting for my Custom house Lilly she was ordered on the 2nd of September and a I am waiting not very patiently for her.

Just ordered Noma from Pocket fairy, this will be my birthday doll contributed to by my family!

And I have a Meremina on a layaway with Tiny Bear. Soooo some excitment to come! And some new sizes to be able to make clothes for.

I am a bit behind with my list so sorry to any one waiting not very patiently for me!
Gratitous flower picture......this is called and American Pokeweed!


Teryl said...
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th1 said...

I originally left a comment asking about the name of this gorgeous flower, then I went back and read your WHOLE comment and I see it is called the American Pokeweed plant. What a beautiful stalk of flowers!!