Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Amazing dolly co-incidence

Sometime last year I saw a gorgeous Lati Miel, with a owner face-up that I liked, up for sale on the Marketplace, I didn't have the money to buy her and by the time I PM'd the seller she had been sold (dissapointed but philosophical!). Anyway I kept a copy of the picture on my laptop to drool over. So Miel has been on my wish list ever since. A couple of weeks ago I saw another lovely Miel on the Marketplace and Pm'd the seller straight away, happily she was to come home to chez Mimisstuff and when I unpacked her there was something fammiliar about her. Today I was looking in my "Dolls to drool over" (does everyone have these?) file and there she was, the Miel I missed out on, looking just like my Honey.........so I got in touch with the original seller and asked if she sold the Miel to my recent seller and she said YES!!!!!! So I have ended up with very doll that I fell in love with.....happy co-incidence or what? has this ever happened to you?

originally on DOA

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