Saturday, 7 November 2009

November news

Couple of things to tell you; #1 I traded my Madeline face plate with luv*it for a Lily face plate and it arrived today, she has a face plate by the talented face-up artiste Meeeee although I softened the lips a tiny bit. The eyes and eyebrows are wonderful! I will take some pic tomorrow.

#2 I got a lovely wig from jpop wigs it is called ashes in the shimmer colour its a lovely soft mixture of blue,pink, gold and lilac very pretty!

#3 My friend Michael gave me some doll money for my birthday and I contributed it to an Elfdoll Bunny from a seller on Doa. I have a yearning to make him in to a John Teniel style White Rabbit (he was the original illustrator of Alic in Wonderland) and then an Alice too (maybe Tilly?)

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