Thursday, 6 May 2010

Luckiest bjd collector!

This week I have been a very lucky BJD collector and received two (yes two!!!) of my top of the wish list dolls! A big Thank you to the two lovely people that made it possible, you know who you are ;).

Firstly Ixtee Mui chan Arrived last helpful posty dropped her off at work as he knows I work on a Saturday. the Idea of the box in my locker tortured me all day and then when I got home the in-laws were visiting and so it was 10pm before I could unwrap and play.

Mui chan, henceforth known as a similar size to Lati Yellow although she is a bit skinnier and she has changeable face plates; happy, sleeping and blowing kisses. and she has magnetic hands and feet and some cool boots that pop on with the magnets. Joy also came in a wooden russian doll style carrycase and some very cute clothes.

Then today Lati WSP Magician/Mystic Bayer arrived, she is a dreamy girl with half closed eyes and she is really beautiful! She has really a distictive face up, in green and yellow that I quite like IRL but I reserve the right to have her professionally faceupped at some point ;) She came with a lovely wig and outfit too.


Marimar Mat said...

cute dolls!

SweetNeat said...

Lucky you, I´d love to get Mui-Chan, too! But I´m afraid she´s out of my range by the cost. I hope to see now lots of pics of yours! :)

tinybear said...

you are so lucky
I missed out on the latest version ..I think she is beautiful
and of course ..your outfits are as usual !