Friday, 1 January 2010

New year news


Hope you all have a good one!

Here's some pictures including;

A picture of the adorable Xmas cake decorations made by my Niece Bethany in the form of the cutest icing polar bears. The biggest ones head drooped after a few days and it looked like he was munching his way through the icing!

A shot of Hannah my LWSP Bayer in her new Xmas dress from Aunty Kayjay (she loooves it)

A pic of Holly the LWSP Kong shown a few posts ago who is now a rather rebellious girl and a snap of Hebe my latest love Fairyland Realpuki Soso in her new jumper.


Sharon said...

Great photos Mimisstuff, I love your Soso, and his knitted jumper is in perfect scale ;)
And those icing polar bears are brilliant!!! I thought they were made from some sort of alabaster or something.

Sharon said...

Sorry I meant to say 'her' when referring to Soso!!!

Miriam said...

Thanks Sharon, Bethany has missed her vocation hasn't she? however her polar bear icing sculpting skill might be a bit limiting in the job market.
Hebe doesn't mind she is always smiling!

Ban said...

Miriam - I tried to email you twice but my message was sent back as undeliverable :( I followed you here from DOA hoping to get a copy of that snowflake dress and a pair of those great boots for my Soso girl when she arrives. (I'm the one who posted the pic of my very own 'real life' Soso in the Burger King hat) I hope I am not being rude by contacting you this way. You can contact me through Blogspot, DOA or email : Thank you for your time - you make very lovely clothing !!!

Miriam said...

I'll Pm you Ban,love your real life realpuki she does look alot like Soso :)