Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Nice post yesterday!

I have Ruby at last (as you may remember, I have been yearning for Ruby a while) She flew over from Australia very quickly and I have been playing with her today;

Also 2 exquisite outfits; #1 crochet outfit from JoeyKBlythe and a pretty dress by Willows Wardrobe (Both available on Etsy) both do beautiful work.

And here is an amazing drawing by 4 year old Evie of my husband Ian, don't you think it is a very good likeness!


Ban said...

I snorted when I saw the drawing!!! I've got one like that my eldest (now 7) did of her dada. He's got a goatee and she drew these lines down his chin that makes him look like he's slurping spaghetti :D
Can't wait to get my Soso in so I have some feet to put those black MJs your making me on!!!

Kayjay said...

Love love love your Ruby, and the girls' new dresses are wonderful. Yep, I snorted when I saw the picture of Ian too, such a good likeness ;-)